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ANSA® has undertaken EV and PV hosting capacity studies for several electricity distribution businesses, providing detailed information about each low voltage network at a granular element level, including where congestion is expected to occur, and how such congestion could be mitigated


Network Data Quality

ANSA has carried out low voltage network data quality assessments, working with electricity distribution businesses to improve their low voltage network data, and providing them with information that allows them to efficiently improve their network data quality

Electric Vehicle Demand Modelling

ANSA has assisted electricity distribution businesses understand the impact of additional EV demand to understand how household peak demand may change as more people charge EVs at home

Scenario Development and Modelling

ANSA has developed and modelled future scenarios for clients as renewable electricity is used to meet climate change mitigation objectives

Solar Farm Generation and Impact Modelling

ANSA has modelled the impact of solar generation in sub-transmission and distribution networks, using ANSA-SolarFarm generation models and ANSA-PV hosting capacity technology. This has provided insights on where congestion may occur and what assets need to be upgraded, if any

Solar Farm Modelling

ANSA has modelled proposed solar farms for investors and other interested parties

Commercial Solar Modelling and Analysis

ANSA has modelled proposed commercial solar installations for businesses, and assessed existing installations

Off-Grid Solar-Battery Modelling

ANSA has determined the size of off-grid solar-battery power supply equipment required for a range of applications across different locations, from Internet of Things (IoT) devices to large power supplies for buildings

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