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About Us

ANSA® was founded by Allan Miller and Scott Lemon to meet the growing demand of companies for useful, accurate information about network integration of solar PV and electric vehicles. Allan and Scott have successfully provided their services to a range of companies, and continue to innovate and develop new services to meet the evolving needs of their customers

Dr Allan Miller
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Allan's career spans 30 years in the energy and technology industries. He has expertise and experience in engineering, research, technology commercialisation, and executive leadership.

Allan established and led the GREEN Grid research project in 2012 while continuing his consulting business. The GREEN Grid research project began in 2012 and investigated the grid integration of new distributed energy resources such as electric vehicles, PV solar, and batteries. It also investigated the integration of variable renewable resources such as wind and solar into the electricity system. It was funded by MBIE, Transpower, and the EEA. After leaving the GREEN Grid project Allan worked on a number of consulting assignments related to renewable energy and network transformation. During this time he co-developed the PV and EV hosting capacity technology with Scott, as well as a range of solar modelling services.

Allan has a PhD and a first class honours degree in electrical and electronic engineering.

Scott Lemon



Scott is an electrical engineer and experienced programmer with interests in data analysis, machine learning, and the simulation of complex systems.

Scott first worked with Allan on a number of papers about the future of electric vehicles in New Zealand. In 2012 he joined the GREEN Grid project, investigating the impact of distributed PV systems on distribution networks. After leaving that project, Scott developed a number of new algorithms for performing large-scale, highly parallel power flow simulations. These would later form the basis for ANSA-PV and ANSA-EV, developed in conjunction with Allan.

Scott has a first class honours degree in electrical and electronic engineering.

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